Vision and Mission


A philanthropic, cooperative, kind, loving, peaceful, cheerful and loving attitude towards humanity.


We cultivate a method of Reading, Learning and Exceling in the life to become happy and cheerful with the help of infocheer team to provide all feasible tools such as yoga and meditation, minimalist way of life, educational methods  to reach the  destination. Happiness for everyone is our mission.

Our background

We belong to a farming community and have being serving the community in different positions like teaching children, old people and doing social work by advising students and parents for the better future of their kids. We have been doing Yoga and meditation since long time regularly . Our kids are serving in Europe in computer and finance fields . Now, we have decided to help the community to provide the knowledge of different aspects of life to make them happy and make their life cheerful.

Still a lot of work is required to help people online and offline !

It is our heartily desired that everybody should be happy on this planet but unfortunately, uncountable people are downtrodden and live below poverty line .Poor or rich, happiness is an individual mind set up. It means, money is no criteria of measurement of happiness. There are approximately three hundred million people are suffering from depression and stress. Medical help is must for such people. 

Let us find out the ways and methods to be cheerful

 We all have to contribute our part to help the depressed community irrespective of  cast , creed and country. Lets us face the heat together to bring calm and peace among people so that they can live happily together with their beloved. 

Thus, the way of happiness is very difficult and far away but the change must be initiated  at the earliest. Let us move ahead to bring happiness with all our efforts .

With Love and regards

The team