Like animal we can live happy without much headache

Minimalism and Happiness

Do we have any proof of connection between minimalism and happiness?

Can richness and materialism make us happy ?

Is it correct to say that minimalism can bring happiness?

What Is Minimalism?“Simplicity, clarity, singleness: These are the attributes that give our lives power and vividness and joy as they are also the marks of great art.” —Richard Holloway

Minimalism is intentionally living with only the things we really need—those items that support our purpose. We are removing the distraction of excess possessions so we can focus more on those things that matter most.

Becoming a minimalist will give you more time and will free up more of your money than ever before. But we must focus on gratitude every single day in order to see the results.It means living with things you really need. It means removing anything that distracts us from living with intentionality and freedom.



  • We generally accept that minimalist can easily control their emotions to cosume and live simple life.
  • Minimalist people can encourage to focus on minimum needs.
  • The relationship between minimalism and well-being may be stronger for low-income and older individuals.
  • Sometime minimalism is way of life  want to live after frustration of material life and for few people it is must as they are . They are liable to live with minimum resources and we can call them minimalist due to their limited resources. A laborer and a farmer are minimalist due to circumstances and are compelled to live minimalist life.

According to one article published in Journal of Positive Psychology “Research has accumulated over the years to support the adage that money can’t buy happiness,” state the authors of the research led by Joshua Hook of the University of North Texas. “As an alternative to the high-consumption lifestyle often found in Western cultures, voluntary simplicity (also referred to as minimalism) involves a lifestyle that is focused on reducing consumption and excess in one’s life so that individuals can focus on prioritizing their values.” “Overall, the vast majority of studies found a positive relationship between voluntary simplicity and well-being,” state the researchers. “This finding was mostly consistent irrespective of how voluntary simplicity and well-being were measured and it was also consistent across both quantitative and qualitative research designs.”

The authors hope their research inspires more people to consider a “less is more” approach to life as a viable pathway to happiness and flourishing.

“I think this research counteracts the general tendency in our society to go after more,” says Hook. “It’s one of the biggest lies we can buy into that we just need more money, more material possessions, and more [fill in the blank] to be happy. These efforts don’t usually work. Instead, I think we need to think about other avenues to improve happiness, and living more simply might be something to try out.”


Some ways to embrace minimalism for a happier life

Happiness holds a different meaning for an individual . One may consider happiness for passing in the exams and other may be happy after achieving professional target. another boasts of his wealth and feel happy while a poor fellow may be happy if he gets food and clothes and are called minimalist by compulsions,  while others experience happiness by accumulating material possessions, such as buying a car, a brand-new dress, or the latest smartphone. It means that  happiness is a highly subjective and complex concept. The search for true happiness has led some people to focus on minimalist living, a concept that has gained momentum globally during recent years. It means living with only the things you really need and letting go of the rest. It is all about simplifying your life. Such concept may raise questions also. One is having material prosperity may deny to be minimalist and other is minimalist by compulsions. It means minimalist can be adopted by wish or by circumstances. Let us discuss some ways to embrace minimalism for happy life.

Form some rules to start

Minimalism is a concept of living life intentionally with minimum resources which can run our life smoothly. Do you have purpose behind this? Thinking of living life of minimalist is not a joke but  a strong determination and positive attitude. Let us make some rules to be real minimalist and this will come with strong determination and sacrifice otherwise instead of becoming happy might convert into frustration and make you sad. There is no need to throw away the things you have but make a list which things are necessary for living the minimalist life. Feel that you really want to live the life of minimalist and it should come from heart instead of copying  others. If you feel that minimalist life is must for humanity betterment otherwise it will create a chaos in your life. Therefore, we must form some rules to be implemented in a sincere way. and design a way to use your assets and must keep you healthy , happy and wellbeing.

Make some change in your house

Make some changes in your kitchen  and remove the unwanted things from your wardrobes and donate the extra things which are not required for your new way of life. Generally , we all have so many utensils which have never been used and kept in boxes for long time. Give them to the needy who are compelled to live minimalist life against their wish and this will make them happy. you will also be happy by doing this. Make big change in your house first then you can tell others to follow.

Keep your living space open with necessary amenities  

It’s human nature to buy things and hoard them at home, even though there’s really no need or space for them. We keep on shopping and make our house a store . More things means more time to manage them and this way you make your house neat and spacious where you will breathe comfortably . Use this extra time in positive activities like social gathering and other activities. Purchase what is most required otherwise unnecessary shopping will again make your house a store.

Proper use of social media

People have become addicted of using social media and waste their maximum time in doing nothing . The social media have overcome our ideas and thinking and making us slaves of others ideas . Our creativity and personal life have become dependent on others thinking . No creativity, no new ideas and no personal life and are governed by central control, therefore, we need decentral world where everyone is  independent. 

Let us follow a simple, healthy and organic diet

 Simple living and eating organic food will definitely make and healthy. Healthy mind lives in healthy body One area often overlooked in the search for minimalism is the concept of simple and clean eating. After streamlining your day-to-day living and healthy diet which is grown in our garden without any pesticides. visit country side to have pollution free life and real culture away from social media. avoid wastage to feed the downtrodden and poor children  of the world.

Minimalism can make us happy as we put our sources in proper way and  live on minimum resources means no tension of earning more and ultimately we become happy and cheers the life and be merry for ever till you live.